A SoHo afternoon

Hugh Hartsell and myself headed out for the South Holston river this afternoon for the last days of the Sulfur hatch. I have just recently met Hugh and we have tried to go fishing together but haven’t gotten the chance due to clients fishing and weather. Hugh is a great guy and a really good fisherman. The Sulfurs aren’t coming off until later in the day so we only had a few hours to fish before it got dark on us. The fishing was pretty good for the time we had though, with fish rising all over the river to a size 16 Sulfur, school bus yellow. We caught 99% browns which is why the SoHo is my favorite tailwater in TN. 3 deer walked down to the river to cross in the hole right above me and I think they know the difference between fisherman and hunters because they weren’t scared at all.

The more the day went on the fish got pickier so really put the Frogs Fanny to it and get a motionless drift. The BWO’s were coming off in between the Sulfurs too in sizes 18’s and 20’s so have some of them on you as well. When the sun was going down the fish switched to small grey Midges on top. The Lord gave Hugh and I a great day on the water and to top it off we stopped at my favorite place to eat, Pal’s. I took a few shots of the fish we caught because they were so good looking so here you go.

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