A rainy fall day

Today my buddy Harris and I went to a certain stream in the Smokies and got a few hours of fishing in before dark. The rain didn’t let up from the time we drove to the stream till we finished, but it was ok because it didn’t seem to slow the fish down one bit. In fact the rain gave the water just enough color that the fish didn’t care about us and they would eat just about anything. They were super aggressive and had a lot of fight in them, even the little guys. Harris and myself decided to man up and fish a section of water that we have talked about where it was extremely hard to get to and we figured it didn’t get much pressure, we were right. We were the only fisherman on the river because most people don’t want to fish in this kind of weather, I do though because it usually produces some pretty good fish. Here are some of the fish we caught.

We got a lot of love on Prince nymphs, 20 inchers and Guides choice hares ears, but they probably would have taken anything in front of them.  The fishing has been really good in the Smokies and the tailwaters and the weather could be worse, so get out and fish when you can even if it’s for an hour or two, it’ll be worth it. For your chance at catching some fish like these in the most beautiful part of the country, book your trip today. Thanks for reading with us and have a blessed day.

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