Fall is finally here

After a long summer and low, warm water we are catching a break. The water level in the park isn’t back to normal but the water is cool and the fish don’t seem to mind. I actually caught a fish the other day after a big rain and it was smiling. There are also a lot of bugs coming off and it’s only going to get better. Here lately, I have been seeing some BWO’s in size 18 coming off in the late morning to late afternoon. Also Brown Caddis in a size 16 will work well and the usual Prince Nymphs and Pheasanttails in any size and Small Baetis ( BWO) Nymphs.

We have been seeing some bigger fish come out of their holes running around and getting goofy. So maybe in a few weeks we will see some fish on their beds. I like to see the bigger rainbows come out too to say hey every once and a while like these guys. I love this time of year when the air temps drop and the leaves change because it means football season is here, Thanksgiving is close and the Browns are on the move, they are also getting their fall colors like the trees.

Guys take advantage of this weather and go fishing when you can, it has been really good and the fish aren’t hesitant to eat a fly 2 or 3 times. I fished this evening by myself for a couple of hours and got to watch some fish sip some caddis in the riffles. It just doesn’t get any sweeter than that. Have fun and dress warm because you will need it. Hope to see you guys out there.

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