Golden bones

So yesterday my buddy/guide Tyler and I loaded up the drifter, only not for floating a river but for stalking flats in search for carp. These flats are really nice and hard to get to unless you have a boat that will float in 6 inches of water, plus the drift boat can slide in undetected. Usually these flats are really clear and seeing the fish isn’t that hard, but yesterday was a different story. They were very murky and seeing the fish from a good distance was out of the question, not to mention the wind was blowing hard. Most of the time when we got a glimpse of the fish we were already on top of them, which if you fly fish for Carp you know they are already spooked at that point.

Once we figured out where they liked to sit on the flat we would keep a good distance and focus on the area. This helped us to spot more fish instead of scanning the entire flat and missing them altogether. Tyler spotted the first couple of fish, but only got one to nibble on the fly and the fish didn’t fully take it. It was pretty tough but still fun. We switched positions after a while so Tyler got behind the oars and I got on deck. There was a bad storm moving in so we started to row back to the dock, as we were rowing back I kept throwing at the bank and stripping it back out and finally got one to eat. After I hooked the fish he pulled almost all of the line off my reel. After about a 5 minute fight with this bruiser he decided to throw the fly at the boat.

Carp fishing can be pretty slow sometimes so hooking up with one is always a treat. Spotting a fish, casting at it, then watching your line get tight, there is nothing that gets you heart beating faster than that. Oh except for the long runs and hard pulls. Fly fishing for carp is great when trout and bass fishing gets slow because they thrive in warm water and it gives you a opportunity to keep fishing. It also gives you the feeling of Bonefishing without having to go to the Keys or Bahamas. I love it and have a few clients who  do as well. Thanks for reading with us and we will be carping for a little while longer, at least until Fall gets here and the trout fishing is on again.

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