Fishing awareness

I had a trip up in the park today and I thought to myself that most people fishing in the park right now would be searching for higher ground and cooler water. We stayed pretty low in Tremont though and caught just as many fish. I realized that even with the little bit of rain that we’ve gotten recently the water is cool enough that the fish are still pretty active down low. We got a lot of strikes for the short amount of time we had and the group was pumped about catching some fish. So what I am getting at is don’t rule out lower stretches just because of hot temperatures.

Another thing I think a lot of us tend to do is try too hard to “match the hatch” and forget that the flies we all grew up chucking at trout, haven’t stopped working. I catch myself always trying to create new patterns to catch fish and add too much junk to the fly. Today we were throwing quasimoto pheasanttails and fishing in the pocket water just like we all learned how to do. Don’t get me wrong, I have a few of my own patterns that “match the hatch” as every fisherman does.

Also when you are fishing up in the park be careful about where you walk and put your hands. I have been hearing and reading about people having close encounters or even bitten by Copperheads and Rattlesnakes. I myself had a run in with a Copperhead this afternoon as we were walking through the woods. I try to always walk in front of my clients so I can see the snake or at least clear the way for them. If anything knock down all the spider webs with my face. Thanks for reading with us today and I hope this helps some of you guys and gals with your fishing and just remember to be safe because in the mountains you are a good ways off from the nearest hospital. Don’t let this scare you though because there aren’t that many accidents for the amount of people in the park.

Remember to still have fun and share it with others. I am very thankful that my dad spent time with me and taught me how to fly fish and would take me fishing. Going to the park with my dad was a pretty special thing and I would think about  it all week long and Saturday morning we would grab the rods and hit the road, sometimes Sunday mornings too. Later guys.

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