On the Holston once again

The water in the park is so low and warm right now that I really don’t like to fish it and stress out the trout. In fact spending time on other rivers like the Holston or the Clinch might be a good idea. We also like to fish the Little River and Little Pigeon for carp and smallmouth. A buddy of mine and I decided to do just that and fish the holston higher up on the Tampico stretch. TVA is releasing a lot of water into the rivers to get the lakes back down to normal. We haven’t had any rain but they held the water in the lakes for the holiday weekend.

They started releasing the water today around 1:00 pm with 2 or more generators. We decided to get there at daylight to make sure we got in a good amount of fishing and didn’t see the 98 degree heat. I really like this float because it has so many excellent riffles and that is my favorite type of water to fish. It was a little slow at first but it was still pretty dark outside, we did pick one up with a rubberlegged wolly bugger though and decided to move down. Once the sun got a little higher and burned off some of the fog we picked up more fish with some small nymphs and dries. When the sun got even higher and the fishing got slower  we thought we would just mosey on down to more productive water. We hit one more riffle, caught a few fish and headed to the take out ramp.

It was a really good float and the Lord blessed us with another beautiful day. I wish He would bless us with some rain, but He knows what He is doing and what is best for us. Here are a few photos of some fish that were caught today. The fish were fat and healthy not to mention good looking and the cold water up higher in the river keeps the fight in them. All in all a lot of fun. Thanks for joining us today and we hope show you the same good time.

Oh, did I mention the Red Horse.  Haha my favorite!

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