A rainy day full of fish

Sorry guys for the long delay on the latest fishing report, but it has been crazy the past week. Last week my wife and I taught a family of 7 to cast a fly rod. This was the first time for most of them, but I’ve got to say that they all had a lot of talent. Ages of the kids ranged from 7 to 16 and they were very easy to teach. My wife Ashley and I work with the youth group at our church so we know that those ages are tough to teach sometimes, but not these kids. After the casting lesson they went back to their cabin to get a good meal and a good nights rest because they were we were taking them fishing early the next morning to put their skills to the test.

Now keep in mind that we have been in a small drought for a little while and didn’t see any rain in sight. When we all met up the next morning at 7:00am the clouds started rolling in and a cool breeze blew through the mountains. I was glad to see the rain coming in but it just had bad timing for my clients. It held off for about an hour and then the flood gates opened up, but the fishing was kind of slow anyways so we decided to take a break for some snacks and wait out the rain. The rain did not last long so we went back out after about 25 minutes and that amount of time was just enough for the rain to bring the water up a little and add some color. As soon as we got back in place the fish were ready to eat, and they did. The small amount of rain was all that we needed to get the fish active. Here is a shot of Carolina’s first trout on a fly rod; you can’t tell but she is pretty excited about it.

I think around 10 fish were caught in all between all the kids, one of which was around 13 or 14 inches caught by William.  Unfortunately we did not get a shot of the fish. I know, I know catching a fish like that in the park and not having a photo is like hitting a hole in 1 and nobody seeing it, but I will vouch for him.  Like I said these kids have some talent and picked up on it quick. If there is anything you can do to protect the sport that we all love so much it is passing it down to our youth. Even though we all got pretty wet and cold it was a great morning. Oh, did I mention that I fell in the mud, hey it happens sometimes even to the guide. I will definitely look forward to seeing this family again and maybe with better weather. Here are a couple of shots of the family and the morning we had in the park.

Thanks for joining us on the fishing report and we hope that you enjoyed it. See you guys next time and hope that you have a blessed day.

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