Synchronous Fireflies

So it’s that time of year again.  All this week and continuing through the weekend is the time to go up into Elkmont in the Smokies to see the fireflies.  This only happens once a year and only happens in one other part of the world, Southeast Asia!  This phenomenon occurs with a certain species of fireflies that have an internal censor where if it is close to another firefly, their lights will start flashing and the censor will make them try to light up at the same time.  It lasts for about 6 seconds, but is an amazing sight to see thousands of them together doing it.  We recommend trying to get up into the mountains by the weekend to see this spectacular sight.  You will be able to catch a trolley at the Sugarland Visitor Center every night and the show starts around 9:30pm.  Hope you all get to enjoy this event!

Here are some links to find out more information:

National Park Service

Great Smoky Mountains Association

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