Second day of summer

Yesterday I took a few guys up into the park to do a little hiking and fishing. We started the day off at daylight because we didn’t want to fish in 96 degree weather. Well it didn’t take long for it to get to us though. We also wanted to hit some higher water where it might be cooler. We started hiking at about 6:45am and hiked for about an hour and already worked up a sweat before 8:00am. We arrived at a very good looking hole with fish rising, but not many bugs coming off.

After watching the fish for a few minutes we decided to move in and try our luck. We snuck up behind them, stayed low and made the first cast. We quickly realized that because the water was so low and pretty warm, the fish were very spooky. The hole had very slow water running through it so we agreed to move on to fish faster water and not waste  time. I had a March Brown shuck stick to my leg so we tied on some nymphs and immediately started getting strikes. After moving up about 100 feet I started working with them on fishing the nymph and everyone started hooking fish and Brad caught his first Smokies trout.

The fishing was kind of slow after a while so we grabbed a bite to eat, took a break for a minute and pulled off the packs. After lunch we all decided to go a little higher and hit some of the river that veered off the trail a good ways. We ran into a spot where the creek split in two, so we fished both sides and starting catching more fish. Here is a good shot of one of the fish that Nathan caught which happened to be his first Smokies trout as well.

We caught a few more fish like these in the next few runs, and by that time the sun was at it’s peak and the fish were sluggish. We started heading back and fished a couple more spots we noticed on the way up, but the sun had already done it’s damage so we agreed to head back. Brad, Will and Nathan are definitely outdoorsman and at no surprise picked up the sport very quickly. They had an exciting week full of roller coasters, rafting, rock climbing, mountain biking and I had the pleasure of taking them Fly fishing. Not bad. Thanks for joining us and we will see you next time.

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