Fishing good everywhere

Sorry guys that we haven’t posted a fishing report in a while, but it has been busy and a little crazy for us. That’s not a bad thing though considering we have been fishing a lot. The fishing has been good everywhere lately and the weather has been great for the most part. We have been hiking into the backcountry for some Smoky’s trout and on the tailwaters with the boat for trout and smallmouth. We have even been doing a little carp fishing in between. Here are a few shots of the park and some of the fish  we caught while in the backcountry.

We have also been seeing some wild animals like deer and boar on the trail. I don’t mind to see the boar and bear as long as they stay their distance. I try to keep mine as well. The park is beautiful this time of year with all the colors and people have been taking advantage of it. This weekend was very busy and a lot of people were out fishing and hiking. I love to see everybody out enjoying Gods work, but I have noticed that people are not always cleaning up after themselves. Just remember to pack it out. The tailwaters have been fishing really good with healthy trout and nice smallmouth. Most the fish this year have been really healthy and have been very colorful. So far in 2010 the fishing has been exceptional and I hope that there won’t be anything that will change that. Every time the water starts to get low we get a row of showers that boosts it back to normal. Here are some pictures of  some trout and smallmouth from the holston.

Well I hope that you all get a chance to get out and do some fishing while the weather is nice because I think that we are going to have a hot summer ahead of us. Thanks for being with us and we hope you will join us on the water soon. Be safe out there and have fun. I just want to add that if you see an animal in the wild keep your distance and you can avoid trouble for both you and the animal. Later guys.

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