Back to the Holston

We were back on the Holston river again today  and got to take out  two guys that are not strangers to trout. It was also the first time they both had ever been in a drift boat. The Lord blessed us with a beautiful day to be out and we were loving it after all the rainy days we have seen here lately. I have really been wanting to bring them out for a while, but  our schedules couldn’t  match up. We finally got together for a day on the river and started out with a good sign. Jeff holds his first trout from the Holston proudly.

Right after this fish we moved down and hooked into a bigger brown and enduring a long fight it was lost at the boat with the hook becoming a projectile. It hurts, but occasionally it happens and makes you appreciate the ones you do boat. Today Jeff wanted to learn a little more about the Fly Fishing world and wanted to improve his casting skills.

He was a natural and didn’t need much work and his skills showed when he hooked and landed his first trout on a fly rod. He actually landed two more later in the day when the fish started to rise more on the caddis and cahills. John was bringing up the rear of the boat with nice fish like this rainbow that came out of nowhere to eat his lure.

John also caught a few smallmouth through out the day, one of which was a pretty nice fish and the colors on it were gorgeous. There is something about catching two of my favorite fish in one river and they both inhabit the same holes that gets me excited. I don’t think that there is a better fighting fish than a river smallmouth. I really enjoyed fishing with Jeff and John and introducing them to some new water and different ways to catch fish. We also got a visit from a large adult bald eagle and an osprey on the water after lunch. These two guys are definitely outdoorsman and were a lot of fun to fish with. Jeff and John are big into deer hunting and also competition archery. They travel all over the country to hunt and have a lot of trophies under their belt. Below is the bigger smallie that John caught this afternoon right after catching that big rainbow.

I couldn’t think of a better way to spend the day than to be out on the water enjoying nature and catching fish. Thanks for being with us on our report and let us guide you on your next adventure.

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