A hot day on the Holston

Today we were back on the Holston and it was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and the fish were biting. We started about 9:00am and started seeing a few caddis coming off. The fish would eat the adults but it had to be force fed to them. They really liked the soft hackles and nymphs. There were a few other fisherman on the water and they all said they were catching a few as well. The fishing has been great everywhere lately. The caddis hatch is slowly fading out on the Holston though and I don’t see it lasting much longer. Don’t worry though the cahill’s are coming off and will continue for a little while.

Geoff”s first trip in a drift boat was a successful one and it started out with a nice rainbow. The fishing was really good for the first hour then slowed down for another hour. When it slowed down we threw some buggers and still caught fish. The hatch picked back up and was steady for the most part of the afternoon. The fish we caught today were healthy fat fish and some were pretty good size. After fishing for trout most of the day we decided to try out some smallmouth. We didn’t see a lot of the smallies so we went back to the trout. We came upon a pod of fish rising and stopped to throw some flies at them. We were surprised when Alex hooked up with this monster on a Dry. Then shortly after, Geoff was in the same situation.

All in all we were blessed with an incredible day of fishing, great weather and good times. Did I mention we ran into a full grown Bald Eagle. You don’t realize how big those birds are until they fly right over the top of you. Have a great day and we hope you can spend a day on the water with us.

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