Rainy day of fishing

So it was raining and cold today, but the fishing has been so good that I braved it and headed to the park to the East Prong of the Little River. I love fishing on days like today because there aren’t as many fisherman on the water and that ups the chances of catching fish. I started off the day with a bigger stonefly pattern and didn’t have any love on it. I saw a few mayflies coming off but hardly any fish eating them, but i did put on 2 mayfly nymph patterns on and caught one the next cast.

I had a #14 cadillac nymph on top and a #14 bhpt on bottom. All the fish took the bhpt, so I quickly took off the cadillac nymph. I noticed more mayflies coming off and one finally came close enough to get a glimpse and they were all BWO’s. They were coming off pretty steady and the fish were all over them. After seeing the fish go crazy for BWO’s I quickly put one on and started catching fish. They were coming off in all sizes anywhere from #12 to #20 so if you go to the park have some in your box. The water might be higher if you go due to all the rain so check out the levels before you go.

Here are photos of some fish that were caught today. Some of them still had a lot of color on them from the spawn. Thanks for joining us and checking out the fishing report, hope it will be helpful for your trip.

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