Caddis hatch on the Holston

Thursday, my wife and I decided to float the Holston River.  We were hoping that the caddis were going to be coming off already.  When we got to the river around noon the bugs were just starting to come off but nothing was eating them.  We started off with small bhpt and did well with that.  After the first hour, fish were starting to rise to the caddis.  As soon as we noticed this, we quickly put on a dry and started catching them on a size 18 olive caddis.  They were only taking the adults, so if you go, make sure you have plenty of them with you.  We also threw small caddis pupas but did not catch anything on them.

It was a gorgeous day, a little windy but conditions were just right.  We ended up catching quite a few fish.  Ashley had a really nice fish on but lost it.  It was kind of a downer, but the amount of fish we did catch made up for it.  Along the way we ran into a huge Osprey that made a catch himself.  We ran into a few other fisherman in canoes but they were not catching much.  For most of the day it was just us on the river. A lot of the fish that we caught were not big but put up quite a fight.  Most of the fish we caught were new fish, although some were hold overs.  We were amazed at how many fish were rising at one time, it actually looked like it was raining in some areas.

All in all we had a great day, a lot of fun and most of all the Lord got us back safely.  We thought it was funny that we noticed the TWRA stocking truck at Nances Ferry.  We stopped and talked to the driver and he said they were stocking Brown’s.  They usually do not put them that low but they had extras.  The driver said he was stocking in two more places between there and the dam so expect to see a better population of Brown’s throughout the river.  

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